Tent Cards Printing in Dubai

DESCO offers Tent Cards & Name Cards printing services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Tent Cards are folded triangular displays with printings on both sides. Choose our design studio for your customized Tent Cards & Name Cards designing services Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

DESCO can print name cards or calendars and finish or fold them to form a table top tent card. Utilise DESCO’s Digital printing facility to variable print each copy incase you need them that way.

DESCO in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offers the facility to quick print and finish tent cards and can fulfill an order within minutes.

Types of Tent Cards:

  • Tent Setup
  • Table Tent Cards
  • Flip Book
  • Place Cards
  • Framed Tent Cards
  • Customized Tent Cards
Tent Cards Printing in Dubai

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