DESCO can print roll up display stands. DESCO uses high quality printing and durable stand to support the banner. Ideal communication vehicle at places like exhibition stalls, show rooms and point of sale stations, DESCO produced roll up stands are well known for their durability and ease of use. Roll up display stand, also known as a retractable banner stand, is ready to setup almost immediately.

Roll up stands are compact, lightweight and are designed to be portable. Roll up banner is also known as pull up banner, pull up display banners, double sided pull up banner, trade banners, foldable banner, banner holders, roll up banner stand, banner standee, collapsible banners or standing banner stand.

Drop in at any of the DESCO Printing Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for any Rollup Stand, roll-up Banner Printing, Popup Stand printing or Roll-Up Display Printing requirements.

Roll-Up Display Printing