DESCO is one of the leading Printing in Abu Dhabi. DESCO has been here in UAE for nearly 32 years. DESCO Copy Centre at Dubai is equipped with high speed digital photo copiers of different sizes and capabilities which are capable of copying from 1 copy to 1000s of copies in minutes. DESCO print shops offer photo copy services for offices, construction or consultancy services and educational institutions in UAE. DESCO Copy Centre can copy from A5 size to A0+ size. 

Black & White Photocopy Services:
DESCO Copy Centre offer B&W copy services in all their branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. B&W copies are highly cost effective and can be copied in high speeds.

Colour Photocopy Services:
DESCO Copy Centre has high quality colour copiers in all of their Dubai and Abu Dhabi branches which output superior rich colour copies.

Print Shops in Abu Dhabi: