Marble Painting and Printing:

The process of marble printing involves first creating a semi-solid piece of colored starch that is similar in texture to clay. Different colored starches are then combined, like mosaic, to create the final pattern, which is then transferred onto fabric. Each pattern is unique and requires extensive experience and outstanding skill on the part of the craftsman.

Marble Printing & Painting:

  • Textures
  • Rock Surface Print
  • Gold Painted Lines
  • White Marble Print
  • Gold Prints Abstract
  • Marble Print Patterns
  • Marble Print Seamless
Marble Printing
Marble Printing

Marble is an excellent choice for interior design and finishes, however only granites and stones are suitable for exterior applications. 

Marble is a natural stone having variation in colors and shade, and when designed and properly finished can be transformed into beautiful flooring.