DESCO’s Bindery Services are most affordable and can add immense value to your copied or printed documents like reports, documents, presentations or archival documents.

All kinds of Binding (Spiral, Wire, Tape, Vello):

Comb Binding: A continuous spring-shaped piece of plastic, this durable crush-resistant bind allows a bound book to lay flat… even back on itself.

Velo Binding: Most commonly used for legal documents, velo binding creates a sleek profile by using a thin plastic strip to bind the pages of the document.

Booklet Making: Bound with staples along its folded edge, this finishing touch is commonly with newsletters, company bulletins and catalogs used most.

Wire Binding: Wire binding offers a high-tech look with outstanding durability. The metal wire comb is pushed through holes punched in the left margin of the document, then crimped together to holds pages. Wire binding allows pages to turn easily, and the book lay completely flat when opened.

Tape Binding: A piece of sturdy cloth tape is fused to the document along the left forming a spine. Known for its strength and permanence this preferred bind of academia produces bound results similar to a paper back book.

Custom Binders: We manufacture custom heat sealed vinyl binders, and presentation folders, that can be decorated by silk screen printing, foil stamp, foil debossing, blind debossing and you can also add custom pockets, business card holders, label holders to meet your customer needs.

Custom Index Tabs & Dividers: Custom index tabs & dividers can be manufactured to your specifications such as sales literature, employee handbooks, training manuals, medical, real estate, sports playbooks, school and educational use, calendars, and for any basic office use.